Aug 27

Naomi Watts in Funny Games (2007)

Aug 27



Funny Games (1997) - written and directed by Michael Haneke. Starring Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Mühe and Arno Frisch.

Funny Games (2007) - written and directed by Michael Haneke. Starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt.

Aug 27


Funny Games - Michael Haneke - 1997 / 2007

If you’re a long time follower of Ozu Teapot you’ll know I like my interiors (and exteriors) so I found it interesting that the 2007 version of Funny Games was not only a shot-by-shot remake but that the set was built to the same proportions as the first film based on the original blueprints.

Aug 27


THE DOUBLE, Richard Ayoade (2013)/NOT TO BE REPRODUCED, René Magritte (1937)

Aug 27

The Double, 2013 (dir. Richard Ayoade)

Aug 27
Aug 27
Aug 22


Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) Dir. Robert Bresson

Aug 15
Aug 04


Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Apollo e Daphne

from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

marble, 1622-25, Galleria Borghese, Roma

Aug 04


Gianlorenzo Bernini died on this day in 1680 in Rome. He was 82. Like Michelangelo before him, Bernini was best known for his virtuoso sculpture but also excelled at painting and architecture. His dramatic designs and exquisite craftsmanship earned him the reputation of the greatest sculptor of his day, and he was widely sought after by cardinals, popes, and kings.

Pluto and Proserpina, detail. 1621-2, marble. Rome: Galleria Borghese.
Self Portrait, about age 25. Rome: Galleria Borghese.

Cathedra Petri, 1656-7, marble, bronze, glass. Rome: St. Peter’s.

Tomb of Pope Alexander VII, 1671-8, marble and bronze. Rome: St. Peter’s

Baldacchino, 1623-4, gilded bronze. Rome: St. Peter’s.

Apollo and Daphne, 1622-5, marble. Rome: Galleria Borghese.

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa and onlookers, 1647-52, marble. Rome: Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria.

Beata Lodovica Albertoni, 1671-4. Rome: Altieri-Albertoni Chapel, San Francesco a Ripa.

Piazza San Pietro, 1656-7. Rome.

Aug 04


Sleeping Hermaphroditus

c. 1620


Aug 04
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STANLEY KUBRICK answers a question

Jul 16

Fargo (1996, Joel and Ethan Coen) — Japanese movie poster. 


Fargo (1996, Joel and Ethan Coen) — Japanese movie poster.